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Wine Grapes

Wine grapes are different from table grapes as it comes from a different species called the Vitis Vinifera, a species native to the Mediterranean, including Europe and the Middle East. The [show more]

Raisin Grapes

Raisin grapes are grapes dried for eating, baking or cooking. They are small powerful dried grapes containing high nutritional values and when grapes are dehydrated the nutrients become more concentrated [show more]

Table Grapes

Grapes are one of the most powerful foods for detoxifying and revitalising the mind, body and spirit. Table grapes are fresh grapes intended for consumption, as opposed to wine grapes or grapes [show more]


The vines will be inspected and ready for collection as soon as the client is ready for the planting process.

Vine Grafting

Grafting is a horticultural technique that splices the top of one vine onto the roots of another. The purpose of grafting is to combine the desirable characteristics of the top [show more]